Black Bottle Riot (NL)





Down in Nijmegen, the oldest city in The Netherlands, is where the action happens. This is not where you would expect to find one of Europe’s most talented new southern rock bands. It is, however, where you will find an atmospheric rehearsal space, imbued with the smell of stale cigarettes, hot vacuum tubes, and sweat. This is where Black Bottle Riot can be found, hard at work honing their craft.

BBR is a hard working assemblage of young Dutch musicians; a band who, collectively, were raised on the blues, country, & classic rock music. Citing Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath as major influences, they’ve obviously taken their lessons to heart. Writing concise, punchy rock songs and displaying a “been there, done that” mentality, they exhibit a maturity that many far more experienced bands could learn from. Make no mistake about it – this band’s got the chops and they approach their music with a ferocious, wolfpack attitude. Whether playing in a small club, or at a large outdoor festival, they do not disappoint.

Featuring Simon Snel on vocals and guitar, Mike Sedee on slide & lead guitar, Jaap Van Den Berg on bass, and Mark Weerts on drums, they make a musical statement that is hard to ignore. These guys are the real deal, as their three albums convincingly prove. This is a band that is planning to be here for the long run, and I for one am not about to dispute them.


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