CURTIS, as a Joy Division tribute, have their own agenda.

Their mission has always been authenticity. It’s not about the epilepitic dance, it’s not a bout recreating the records, it’s not about imitation. It’s about recrating the raw and pure energy of Joy Division’s legendary live shows.

The London press (ROAR News) heralded them as tEurope’s best JD tribute, when they wrote: ‘Curtis are the real deal. Curtis don’t insult us with imitattion. They come as close to Joy Division’s raw energy as you could hope for. A must-see!’.

And even Philippe Carly, Joy Division’s photo-biographer author of some of the iconic photo’s ever made of the band said: ‘Curtis is the only Joy Division band that ever moved me to tears …’

Curtis have played legendary venues like Razzmatazz, Sala Apolo, Sala Bikini, Wolf Live, Arena Madrid, Sala Rock-Ola, Vooruit Gent The Steeple, …

During their live shows, Curtis give it their all. They hold nothing back and they take NO prisoners.

Curtis have toured or played with Chameleons, Red Zebra, Arbeid Adelt, Headphone, The Brassers, Dirty Scums, Organic, …


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