Louien (NOR)






As a songwriter, Louien places herself in the upper echelons, as she effortlessly combines the melancholic with the grand – the gloomy with the melodic. During a busy summer of touring and recording, her songwriting has grown leaps and bounds, and on the upcoming album Every Dream I Ever Had, we hear an artist who has finally found her place.

Louien has alwas been the solo project of Solberg, but on this album, she wanted to include her band more, and in that way make this a record where everyone could contribute creatively. Upon hearing the amazing result, it’s apparent that they accomplished what they set out to. Producer and guitar player Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen has been an important part of Louien’s sound from day one, but on Every Dream I Ever Had, bassist Ole Kirkeng and drummer Henrik Lødøen are given space and opportunities to shine.

Already on first single, “Please”, we hear Louien treading new ground. Laughter, applause and chatter from the studio, introduces the song, as it transcends into a symphonic pop landscape, where the insisting chorus will force you to stop and listen. Where earlier references were Joni Mitchell and Ane Brun, Louien has looked to Lizzy McAlpine, Phoebe Bridgers and Big Thief for inspiration this time around.

And with that, the tone is set for the album. “Quite Like This” will take your breath away with a chorus only Louien can create. “Losing My Mind” shows off another side of the artist, as it lifts off into a previously unheard drum groove and indie soundscape, showcasing her incredible band, with a delicious beat throughout, and call-and-response vocals. “Hours” demonstrates Solberg at her very best, where she merges vulnerability and melancholy on the verses, while a breathtaking chorus while knock you over. Again and again.

Every Dream I Ever Had exhibits all the facets of Louien, from the naked and sensitive, to the noisy and glorious. It contains tender verses, big melodies, delicate guitar picking and thundering drums, all in one.

Every Dream I Ever Had was recorded in Brageveien Studio and Silence Studio, and is released on Jansen Records.


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