When Steven Vergauwen formed the band in 2005, he wanted to fill a gap by re-inventing the sound of classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Back Crowes, Grand Funk, etc.) combined with the soul of Marvin Gaye and Al Green. Not as your average retro band, but yet insprired by ‘the old school spirit’ drenched in todays power. Being a songwriter in composition assignments for years, he knew all about tricks and rules on how to make commercial music. However, he decided to forget all that and to follow his guts.

SHTEVIL released 3 singles from the debut album STUNG. All of them were recieved with lots of enthusiasm on European radiostations, incl. Belgium, Germany, Switserland and Italy. On Fire made it to  number 1 on the charts of Virgin Radio and became the anthem of both a Belgian and an Italian national tv advertising campaign.

As far as the live-reputation built all over Europe: SHTEVIL delivers up to expectations and promises! They seriously ‘rock the house’ whenever a gig takes place. Tres Hombres is proud to represent the next tour of SHTEVIL on the forthcoming new album!


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