So what do ‘Kenji Minogue’, ‘Vive La Fête’, ‘Absynthe Minded’ and ‘Pink Room’ could possibly have in common?
Not even one damn bollock!

It all started back in 2013 as a studio project of songwriter Tom van Dorpe (Chrome Yellow) and soundwizard/engineer Sergej Van Bouwel (Absynthe Minded) in Ghent, Belgium.

Soon after, the amps were fully crancked and they began to perform live, together with guitarist David van Glabeke (Kenji Minogue) and drummer David Van Belleghem (Delavega).
Over the years, they became an abrasive yet atmospheric rock band with many shows to follow.

In 2018, their style changed the second keyboardist Maarten De Meyer (Vive La Fête) and drummer Jelle Lefebvre (Pink Room, Celestial Wolves) took over, to a more agressive sound with catchy hooks, weird pitchshifting and twisted subs.
Downtuned guitars sounding like synths, synths sounding like guitars, whammy’s fully greased…in other words: Bollocks, big hairy bollocks!

Stereoseat proves that guitar music is not only still relevant in 2019, but can also be innovative.
Throughout the years, the band has won considerable recognition, due to their tight as fuck, energetic live shows.
They have the reputation of being the most exciting rock band you never heard of.

Their first record, bombed instantly a cult album, ‘Safety Car Crash’, has been released at the end of 2015 and all songs were unmistakably Stereoseat.
Now, they’ve upped their game and a second album, ‘Heavenly Creatures’, will hit the nightlights on february 5, 2020.
The new album includes riffs ‘Millionaire’ forgot to write and choruses ‘QOTSA’ has yet to come up with, and the likes of ‘Porcupine Tree’ and ‘Girls Against Boys’ also arguably filtered through their songwriting proces.
But let’s just stick to bollocks. Big hairy bollocks


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