What do Belgian bands Kenji Minogue, Vive La Fête, Absynthe Minded and Pink Room have in common? Not a lot at first sight. Unless…
It all started in Ghent (Belgium) back in 2013, as a studio project by songwriter Tom Van Dorpe (Chrome Yellow) and sound wizard/engineer Sergej Van Bouwel (Absynthe Minded).
They pulled out all the stops and lifted their live performances to another level, together with guitarist David Van Glabeke (Kenji Minogue) and drummer David Van Belleghem (Delavega).
Over the years they became a scouring yet atmospheric rock band.
Their style changed in 2018 with the arrival of second keyboard player Maarten De Meyer (Vive La Fête) and drummer Jelle Lefebvre (Pink Room, Celestial Wolves). Guitars are tuned as if they were synths, synths as if they are guitars. Twisted as hell.
Stereoseat proves guitar music is not only relevant in 2020 but can still be innovative too. Over the years, the band has built up a broad fan base with their strong energetic live shows. Their first album ‘Safety Car Crash’ already dates back to the end of 2015 and all songs were unmistakably Stereoseat.
Now, they’ve upped their game and a second album, ‘Heavenly Creatures’, released by Lacienda Records, has hit the nightlights on february 5, 2020.
That latest album includes riffs ‘Millionaire’ forgot to write and choruses ‘QOTSA’ has yet to come up with, and the likes of ‘Porcupine Tree’ and ‘Girls Against Boys’ also arguably filtered through their songwriting proces.
It was a very well received album and the press loved it:


‘Heavenly Creatures’… forget about Tool, Nin or QOTSA. All of them are bands where yours truly is a huge fan of, let me get this clear. But let us present you Stereoseat, a band that makes those formerly named bands slightly pale in comparison by a demonic searing and groundbreaking approach, which cuts deep into yourself until everything’s smashed to pieces. And all of this within a particularly well thought out framework, one which reaches its boilingpoint from where there’s no escape possible, even if you wanted to. And this is a goddamn pure Belgian band! You must check them out. Rating 10/10.’

RedBull Music:

‘Delicious unadulterated rock!’


‘Stereoseat has lots of potential. Stereoseat has balls. Stereoseat makes good solid music. More variated and rocking than ever before.

As if a living creature is cut up alive, that’s how intense and painful ‘Heavenly Creatures’ feels.’

Brothers in Raw:

‘In our opinion, we love Heavenly Creatures, which surprised us with a combination between raging, energenic songs while floating on distorted guitarriffs, pounding drumtracks and smart, well placed synth accents ànd pretty danceable songs. One time you’ll find yourself racing in a stone cold crazy videogame at mindboggling speeds (don’t play this in your car!) while the next time you better break out those dancing moves.’

Dump Magazine:

‘Heavenly Creatures is bursting with quality. A very well sounding recording. Played super-tight. The synths and guitars together make for a completely own style. Top record!’

White Room Reviews:

‘They sure knew how to find the right balance here. In my view, there’s a lot happening on this album and it’s definitely worth checking out. What we know for sure is that they’ve eclipsed their previous work and it’s obvious that there is a lot of potential in this band.’


‘Heavenly Creatures is definitely an interesting release at the beginning of this year. It’s obvious that they lifted their music into a higher playing field. That is why it’s a band to take into serious consideration.’

Luminous Dash:

‘A rocksound compared to the likes of bands as NiN, Millionnaire and Life Of Agony, but somewhat more brutal, more experimental… an overwhelmingly good album with a lot of metal influences, with well written songs, full of aggression.’


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