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The 925 (pronounced as ‘the nine to five’) is a Belgian garage/ rock’n roll band influenced by the 60’s. They consider themselves as the child of The sonics and MC5, who was kidnapped by Paul Stanley (Kiss) and played in the garden of Alice Cooper.  Energetic music and playful lyrics make their shows a real spectacle.

Their first EP was produced by Rodrigo Fuentealba (The Fuzztones, Fifty Foot Combo, Novastar) and mixed/mastered by Jim Diamond ( The White Stripes, The Sonics, The Dirtbombs) . Fake Love, their first single, was released on 20’th of august and caught the attention of several music magazines and internet radios.

A few reviews perhaps? Well, here you go…

Dansende Beren: “Fake Love” draait niet rond de pot, maar is gewoon rechtdoor knallen. Wij kijken alvast uit naar meer van dit.”

Luminous Dash: “Wat een band, wat een energie en wat een geluid!”

Da Music: “De goot, waarin we deze band vonden, is niet meer proper gemaakt sinds de jaren zestig.”

Honk Magazine (US): “When you hear it for yourself you understand why it’s an out-of-this-world sound that makes you put being a critic aside and just be a pure fan of the master class music you are hearing.”

The 925 is:

Bram Baele (Vocals)
Tomas Van Hove (Guitar)
Jorik Van den Bosch (Guitar)
Nick Maertens (Bass)
Aaron Machtelinckx (Drums)



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