This Can Hurt






This Can Hurt was founded by JP (vocals, guitar, bass and synths) and Jack Noise (soundscapes) sometime at the end of 2014. It was clear from the very beginning on that these two gentlemen teaming up would prove to be a recipe for success. The combination of their musical excesses was nothing short of a chemical reaction and instantly both knew they had stumbled upon something rare and worth caring for.

In 2015 their first EP “Some Days” saw the light of day. The single “Colder” quickly found its way into the playlist of several international radio-stations and earned the title “highlight of 2015”in Italy.

Following a year of intensive songwriting, their debut record “When Nothing Matters” hit the shelves in March 2017. Several reviewers praised the band for having an international standard, throwing in references to the likes of Muse, Nine inch Nails, Triggerfinger, Deftones, Massive Attack, …

Following the success of “When Nothing Matters”, the band (to that time still a duo) decided to recruit some new members to promote the album live. As MADD stepped forward to handle bass duties, he brought along his talent as a visual artist. Him joining the band was a complete gamechanger for as how This Can Hurt would present themselves live. Every song is supported by some kind of Clair-Obscur projection which only adds to the live experience that is This Can Hurt.

They say when opportunity knocks on your door, you should open up and let him in. So when D-Kay knocked on the door in August 2017, Ray-M did not hesitate a second to switch positions behind the mic. Earning his wings as the frontman of 70´s Tush, D-Kay has nothing left to prove and now that he and MADD are on board, This Can Hurt can call themselves a fully operational band.


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