The Last Rebel is a non-profit collective of veterans in the Belgian pop-, rock, blues-, and  metal circuit.  We all earned our stripes in the music-scene over the last decennia.  But last year we decided to pull back and write a few songs for our own personal projects.  Now, a year has passed, debut-cd’s have been recorded, and it’s high time to introduce ourselves to the world!
The Last Rebel is a selection of approx. 25 bands who want to gain name recognition throughout the BeNeLux and Germany without being dependent of the big bookers and their excessive margins.  Experience has taught us that, the more we can do in own expense, the better (and cheaper) we can display our bands.  The idea behind The Last Rebel is to unite and share our contacts to make the trip from the small music-venue to the big festival stage together.
We’re not into 1 specific genre, we’ve got bluesbands, rockbands, singer-songwriters, metal-outfits and anything in between! A lot of the musicians in our collective write music and arrangements for more commercial bands, you know, the stuff you hear on the radio, but what we’re doing with the Last Rebel is the real personal stuff, the music we truly love and can put in our hearts and our souls.
I can hear you think… Okay… but what’s in it for me?

  1. You can book our bands for a mere trifle of the price you’d pay for one of the airplayed-til-you-drop-bands and get (at least) the same quality.
  2. No matter what genre you need, we’ve got the right bands for you.
  3. We will try to solve any last-minute cancel from a band you booked.

The Last Rebel Agency