A Flying Fish (INT)





A FLYING FISH is a theatrical project by the interdimensional storyteller Râhoola. With styles varying from experimental, rock, gothic, pop, classical, orchestral, fusion, latin and metal, A Flying Fish’s goal is to evoke surreal and oneiric imagery to its listeners, providing a nutritious experience: Art-infused entertainment.

A Flying Fish’s Art could be best described as an U.M.O. (unidentified musical object), an all-encompassing crucible where Râhoola pours every kind of strange sonic ingredient his twisted mind gets ahold of.  Strongly influenced by Queen’s flamboyance & Mercury’s choral arrangements, Devin Townsend’s “wall of sound” philosophy where a vast ocean of instruments meet quirkiness (e.g. Ziltoid), Mike Patton’s approach to exuberant vocals and unexpected stylistic detours, Devil Doll’s microscopical obsession with details, sound design & Mr. Doctor’s vocal technique of sprechgesang, the power of Blind Guardian’s epicorchestral metal, The Mars Volta’s raw psychedelic touch, Björk’s otherworldliness and so on… Danny Elfman, Frank Zappa, Avantasia, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Lacrimosa, Ayreonand many more, are all artists channeled through AFF’seclectic & whimsical sound palette.

AFF has released through AsenathRecords (México) its debut album “Carnival of Souls”(2019), later re-edited by Bueroboros Records (Ecuador, 2023) in a lavish box-set tape version. After CoS, three EP’s were released independently: “Tears of God”(2020), “Maestro Del Disfraz” (2021) which won the 1st place of a composition contest & “Pollo Sin Cabeza” (2022) in collaboration with Mexican artist Sué Jácome (MuteBirds).

Finally, after nearly 10 years in the making and with the help of Apollon Records & Gymnocal Industries (Norway) the first part of an ambitious rock opera was released. El Pez Que Voló–ACT I(2023) receiving multiple positive reviews across the globe. AFF has not officially debuted scenically but rumor has it that this 2024 Râhoola has recruited a premium line-up to play the musical puzzles of this psychedelic mind. Are you ready?

Enjoy, for this is your dreams’ soundtrack..


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