Vitam Aeternam (INT)





Vitam Aeternam is an international, experimental musical project formed by entities known as JakeRosenberg, Râhoola, André Aaslieand Charles A. Leal. It’s through chance and shared musical values, that such entities were able to create original sonic art, full of complex, emotional, dramatic, haunting,melodic, intense, and cinematic music.

An honest work from the subconscious depths, and a prodigious offspring of our interconnected digital zeitgeist. The musical Art of Vitam Aeternam combines elements of electronic, industrial, classical, film score, heavymetal, progressive rock, and even pop, to create something unique, challenging, and engaging. Fans of forward thinking artists such as Devil Doll, Mike Patton, Leprous, Ulver, Manes, Pain of Salvation, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Devin Townsend, Björk, Vulture Industries & Arcturus, should rejoice in the musical world illuminated throughout their music.VA has released via Crime Records (Norway)

Two full length albums: The Self-Aware Frequency (2020) & Revelations of the Mother Harlo t(2022) as well as the single “The Anachronic Geminae” (2023) featured in Black Widow Records’Il Sogno E L’Incubo, a concept compilation album based on the works of H.P.Lovecraft.

VA has presented their intricate audiovisual performance on We Lave Rock Festival 2022 (Hurum, Norway) as well as in Prognosis Festival 2023 (Eindhoven, Netherlands), gaining the surprise and confusion of the attentive spectators as well as sharing stage with renown projects such as FOCUS, Demon, Einar Solberg, Zeal & Ardor, Disillusion, SOEN, Ithaca, Riverside, Voivod and more…


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